I Can Feel It Again
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Notes and Updates...
I think we have a hot summer coming - a month of spring to go and it's
already pushing 90 and muggy out there...

The left shoulder surgery was unsuccessful as the two torn tendons were
retracted to the point they could not be rejoined, so I guess my pitching
career is cut short.  But rehab has returned much of my range of motion so it
now has minimal effect on my musical stuff.  I'm playing guitar, bass and
keyboards with little problem - and the voice just keeps on rockin' along!

Hoosier Daddy has cut back on the solo gigs, still playing the senior
facilities and private parties but fewer clubs, bars, taverns, etc.  Not giving
it up by any means, just recognizing the generational difference in the
clientele and being more selective.  But I'm playing more duo and band
gigs now, as reflected in the schedule.

Monkey's X will be coming out of hibernation on Friday, June 17 for the big
Ambucs Friday Nights at Temple Plaza in Danville, and the
following night outdoors again at the
Georgetown American Legion street
party, followed by
Mike Knoblett  and myself playing with Hillbilly Deluxe.  
MX will also be at the Westville American Legion Saturday, June 25.

Mike & Mike show (with Mike Knoblett) is having a ball with the
regulars and irregulars at
Julee's Shooting Star every Wednesday, and
have shifted the starting time a bit from 6:00 to 6:30.  We'll also be returning
to the
Rensselaer (IN) Moose Lodge and the Crawfordsville (IN) Moose
and have first-time dates upcoming at Pendleton's Pub in West
Lebanon, IN and at the
Lake Holiday Campground south of Crawfordsville,
IN.  Check the schedule for dates and times.

Susan Williams and I will be at the Clark Bar in Champaign on Friday, June
4 and will have return dates at the
T&T Tavern in Rantoul soon.

I'm quite proud of
"Towpath Road", a CD collection of 14 original songs.
I'll have it and my previous CD
"Blame It On Me" for sale at the solo gigs
and if I ever can find the time and figure out the technology I will have
downloads available on the website.  I've posted the complete lyrics for those
two and my earlier CD
"There Goes The Show", which can be accessed
using the link at the left. as always, I promise to keep the old songs fresh and the new songs
rolling out.  I've made a promise to myself  to keep doing this as long as I
feel I'm getting better at it, and that promise is yours as well.  To quote
Gene Simmons of Kiss, "you work hard for your money, so I work hard for
your money".  Thanks to all, and keep it comin'!

Hoosier Daddy
I Can Feel It Again (copyright Mike Russell)
HOOSIER DADDY is fully self-contained, traveling with full p.a. and
lighting system.  An incorporated automated d.j. system makes for
smooth transitions into and out of break times. However,
tends to play very long sets and take very short breaks!

HOOSIER DADDY has a huge repertoire covering a broad
landscape of popular music, and new songs are added almost every
week.  Mike is quite "at home" playing simple acoustic sets or full
band productions, covering classic and modern rock, classic and
contemporary country, R&B, disco, blues, jazz, beach music,
standards, novelty songs, comedy and parody, sing-a-longs, original name it...and if you don't have a dance floor it
might be wise to make some room!

"There Goes The Show"
song lyrics - click here

"Blame It On Me"
song lyrics - click here

"Towpath Road"
song lyrics - click here